Friday, 24 March Sitemap

RLR UK is a specialist IT services company, focusing on providing complete and end-to-end solutions in the information security market. RLR UK provides a range of specialist Research, Consulting, Professional and Bespoke Training Services - thereby enabling us to offer an end-to-end portfolio of security services and solutions.

As a specialist in information security, our expertise lies in identifying, analysing and minimising network and system security risks and offering comprehensive solutions that address the total IT requirements of our customers, allowing them to grow and achieve their business goals securely.


UK businesses continue to grasp the opportunities provided by new technology. The broadband revolution has allowed companies to increasingly use the Internet to reach their customers and enable their staff to be more mobile. Their IT activities now extend beyond traditional physical network boundaries.

As a result, IT systems and information security are more important to UK companies than ever before. Companies increasingly realize that their people, while their greatest asset, can be their greatest vulnerability and risk, and so need to be educated on security risks. As an example, companies that carry out risk assessment now are four times as likely to detect identitiy theft as those that do not and the average seriousness of incidents has increased.

Confidential information is increasingly at risk, with businesses noting a significant rise in data leakage, unauthorized access to company networks, phishing emails, identity theft and confidentiality breaches. Many companies aren't doing enough to protect themselves and, more importantly, their customers' information. Major areas for concern are:

  • Data leaks
  • Client Side Attacks
  • Internal malware propagation
  • Patching
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Targeted Phishing attacks
  • Evolution of Spam
  • Web Application vulnerabilities
  • Social networking as an information source
  • The rise of professional malware engineering
  • Lack of encryption of sensitive information

RLR UK is uniquely positioned to assist companies, be they small, medium or large by engaging its seasoned security consultants and experts and deploying well architected and robust solutions.


About RLR UK

RLR UK Ltd. has years of experience in delivering optimised solutions to suit the specific requirements and constraints of organisations. As a company, we use experts and associates, where required, to deliver the right solution for you.

At RLR UK we:

  • Understand the security threats you face
  • Use risk assessment to target your security investment in the most beneficial areas
  • Integrate security into normal business behaviour through clear policy and staff education
  • Deploy integrated security solutions and technical controls, and keep them up to date
  • Can help you respond quickly and effectively to breaches and failures by planning ahead for contingencies

Please navigate round our site to find out what services we offer. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.